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Step into a world where luxury meets tranquility at Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar. This premium plotted development offers a perfect blend of modern living and natural beauty, creating an ideal setting for your dream home. Nestled in the heart of Uttar Pradesh, Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar boasts a strategic location that provides easy access to essential amenities and conveniences.

Immerse yourself in a serene environment surrounded by lush greenery and landscaped gardens. The meticulously planned layout ensures maximum privacy and exclusivity for residents, making it the perfect retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. With top-notch infrastructure and thoughtful design elements, Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar sets a new standard for upscale living.

Experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication as you explore the endless possibilities that await you at Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar. Whether you're looking for a peaceful sanctuary or a vibrant community to call home, this premier development has something for everyone.

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Numax Muzaffarnagar

Why Choose Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar?

Looking for the perfect place to build your dream home in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh? Look no further than Numax Plots.

Numax Plots offers premium plotted development with a range of sizes to choose from, catering to every need and budget.

With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, Numax Realcon Group ensures that every plot is designed and developed with precision and care.

The strategic location of Numax Plots provides easy access to key amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and more.

Whether you are looking for a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life or a prime investment opportunity, Numax Plots has something for everyone.

Choose Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar for a lifestyle of convenience, comfort, and luxury.

Residential Plots:

Within the vast expanse of the area, numerous opportunities await discovery. Each plot is more than just a piece of land; it is a canvas upon which you can construct your dreams and shape your destiny. Whether you envision a cozy haven nestled among lush greenery or a modern architectural masterpiece commanding panoramic views, the possibilities are endless.

Strategic Location:

One of the standout features of Numax residential plots in Uttar Pradesh is their prime location. Situated in Muzaffarnagar, a central area of the city, these plots are positioned midway on the Delhi-Haridwar/Dehradun National Highway (NH-58) and enjoy seamless connectivity with the national railway network. This excellent connectivity, coupled with affordable housing options.

Amenities and Facilities:

Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar offers a range of plot sizes to meet the diverse needs of buyers. Whether you're seeking a compact plot or a more spacious one, Numax has something for everyone. Each plot is carefully planned to ensure optimal use of space and functionality. The project features well-planned infrastructure, including wide roads, efficient drainage systems, and ample water supply.

Long-Term Value:

In real estate, investing in a prime location can bring invaluable returns. Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar offers more than just a promising living environment; it also provides a lucrative investment opportunity. As property values continue to rise and demand steadily increases, owning a plot in this prestigious development is not merely a purchase but a wise investment for the future.

Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar – Specifications

Numax Plots in Muzaffarnagar boast top-notch specifications that set them apart from the rest. The plots are designed to offer the perfect blend of comfort and luxury, catering to the needs of modern homeowners. Each plot is meticulously planned to optimize space utilization while ensuring a seamless living experience.

The infrastructure at Numax Plots is crafted with precision, incorporating high-quality materials and contemporary design elements. From spacious layouts to superior fittings and fixtures, every detail speaks volumes about the commitment to excellence. Residents can expect nothing but the best when it comes to construction quality and finishes.

With a focus on sustainable living, Numax Plots feature eco-friendly amenities that promote a greener lifestyle. Energy-efficient lighting, rainwater harvesting systems, and green spaces enhance the overall ambiance of the development. The specifications at Numax Plots reflect a harmonious balance between aesthetics and functionality, promising residents a truly enriching living experience.

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Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar - Amenities

At Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar, residents can enjoy a host of premium amenities designed to enhance their lifestyle. The project offers lush green parks and landscaped gardens where one can unwind and connect with nature. Fitness enthusiasts will appreciate the well-equipped gymnasium for their daily workout routines.

For those who enjoy socializing, there is a community hall where events and gatherings can be held. Kids have their own dedicated play area to frolic and have fun in a safe environment. Security is paramount at Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar, with round-the-clock surveillance and gated access ensuring peace of mind for all residents.

The project also boasts ample parking space for both residents and visitors. With amenities catering to every need, Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar promises a truly fulfilling living experience for its discerning residents.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool





Kids’ Play Area

Kids Play Area

Skating Rink

Walking Path


Multipurpose Hall

Convenience Store

Convenience Store

Skating Rink

Reflexology Track

Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar: Master Plan & Floor Plan

When it comes to Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar, the master plan and floor plan are meticulously designed to offer a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. The layout is thoughtfully created to maximize space utilization while ensuring a seamless flow throughout the development.

The master plan of Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar showcases well-planned infrastructure with designated areas for green spaces, amenities, and residential plots. Each plot is strategically placed within the community to provide privacy and comfort to its residents.

As for the floor plans, they are crafted with precision to cater to various lifestyle needs. From compact designs for individuals or small families to spacious layouts for larger households, there is a choice available for everyone at Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar.

With attention to detail and modern design elements incorporated into every aspect of the master plan and floor plan, Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar stands out as an upcoming premium plotted development in Uttar Pradesh.

Master Plan

Master Plan

Floor Plan:

floor plan1

Plots - Coming Soon.

floor plan1

Plots - Coming Soon.

Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar: Price & Sizes

Looking to invest in a plotted development in Muzaffarnagar? Numax Plots offers a range of plot sizes to suit different preferences and budgets. Whether you are looking for a compact plot or a larger one, Numax has options available. The prices of the plots are competitive, making it an attractive investment opportunity.

The sizes of the plots at Numax range from smaller plots suitable for individual homes to larger plots ideal for building spacious villas or commercial establishments. Each plot is thoughtfully designed to maximize space utilization and offer flexibility in construction options.

Prices vary based on the size and location of the plot within the development. With flexible payment plans and financing options, investing in Numax Plots is made convenient for buyers looking to secure their piece of land in Muzaffarnagar's upcoming premium plotted development.

Unit Type SIZE (Carpet) Sq.ft PRICE (in ₹)
2 BHK Update Soon ₹ Update Soon
3 BHK Update Soon ₹ Update Soon
4 BHK Update Soon ₹ Update Soonc

Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar: Location Map & Address

Located in the vibrant city of Muzaffarnagar, Numax Plots offer a prime location for those seeking a premium plotted development in Uttar Pradesh. The project is conveniently situated near major roads and highways, providing easy access to key areas within the city and beyond.

The address of Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar places it in an upcoming area with promising growth potential. Residents can enjoy the peace and tranquility of suburban living while still being close to essential amenities like schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and more.

With a strategic location that offers both convenience and connectivity, Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar is set to be a sought-after residential destination for those looking to invest in quality plots with excellent prospects for future appreciation.

Key Highlights of Muzaffarnagar

  • Abundance of Amenities: Muzaffarnagar offers a plethora of amenities, including hospitals, schools, ATMs, colleges, and markets, ensuring a convenient and comfortable lifestyle for its residents.
  • Flourishing Real Estate: The city's real estate sector is thriving, with a plethora of housing options catering to diverse preferences. Its well-developed infrastructure and connectivity make it an ideal destination for homeowners and renters alike.
  • Connectivity and Transportation: Muzaffarnagar boasts excellent connectivity, with a network of buses, trains, and auto-rickshaws providing convenient and affordable transportation options. The presence of National Highway 58 further enhances accessibility to neighboring cities.

Exploring Neighborhoods and Landmarks

  • Healthcare Facilities: The city is home to several reputable healthcare institutions, including Vardhman Hospital, District Hospital, Shree Sai Hospital, KALAWATI NURSING HOME, and Evan Multispecialty Hospital & Research Center, ensuring access to quality medical care for residents.
  • Landmarks and Developments: Muzaffarnagar is witnessing rapid development, with new construction projects underway to enhance connectivity and infrastructure. From residential buildings to commercial properties, the city is undergoing a transformation to meet the evolving needs of its populace.

Pros and Cons of Living in Muzaffarnagar


  • Connectivity: The city boasts excellent transportation options, making it easy to navigate.

  • Safety: Despite some deserted areas at night, Muzaffarnagar is relatively safe, with regular police patrolling ensuring public security.

  • Hygiene and Pollution: The city maintains high hygiene standards, with low pollution levels contributing to a healthy environment.


  • Infrastructure Challenges: Potholes and road breakages pose challenges to commuters and require urgent attention.

  • Limited Development: While ongoing construction projects aim to enhance infrastructure, further developments are necessary to address existing shortcomings.

  • Property Prices: The exponential increase in property prices may affect affordability for residents.

About Numax Realcon Group

4.4 mn

Square Metres Residential Development

3.1 mn

Square Metres Commercial & Retail Development

13 +

Mixed Use & Gated Communities

Numax Realcon Group is a prominent real estate developer known for its commitment to quality and innovation. With a track record of delivering successful projects, Numax has earned the trust of homebuyers looking for premium properties. The group's expertise lies in creating well-designed residential and commercial spaces that cater to modern lifestyle needs.

What sets Numax apart is their attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction. They strive to exceed expectations by ensuring timely delivery and high-quality construction standards. Whether it's luxury apartments or plotted developments, Numax Realcon Group always delivers excellence.

The team behind Numax comprises experienced professionals who bring creativity and expertise to every project they undertake. By staying updated with the latest trends in real estate, Numax ensures that their offerings are always at par with industry standards. For those seeking a reliable and reputable developer, Numax Realcon Group is definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Numax Muzaffarnagar is an upcoming integrated township project in Uttar Pradesh, developed by Numax Realcon Consortium. It aims to create a modern and sustainable living environment with residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar offers a distinctive combination of contemporary living set against a backdrop of abundant cultural history. Each plot is meticulously planned to meet diverse needs and aspirations, providing a canvas for personalized dreams to flourish.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar boasts well-planned infrastructure, including wide roads, efficient drainage systems, and adequate water supply. Additionally, residents can enjoy recreational amenities such as parks, jogging tracks, and landscaped gardens within the community.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar enjoys excellent proximity to key transit hubs, ensuring smooth communication to the rest of the city and beyond. Its strategic location in Muzaffarnagar provides residents with amazing convenience due to its proximity to essential amenities such as schools, hospitals, and retail centers.
Yes, investing in Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar can be a lucrative opportunity. With property values on the rise and demand steadily increasing, owning a plot in this prestigious development is not just a purchase but a prudent investment in the future.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar fosters a sense of belonging, where neighbors become friends and shared experiences create lasting memories. The design of every aspect, from recreational facilities to social gatherings, promotes togetherness and harmony among residents.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar offers a variety of plot sizes to cater to diverse needs. Whether you're looking for a compact plot or a more spacious one, there's something for everyone at Numax. Each plot is meticulously planned to ensure optimal utilization of space and functionality.
Numax Plots Muzaffarnagar is not just a residential project; it's a testament to meticulous planning, thoughtful design, and an unwavering commitment to quality. It embodies the essence of contemporary living while honoring the rich cultural heritage of its surroundings.

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